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What is MobileRMM?
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Mobile device usage has increased annually in the SMB market to the point that each one of your customers has as many smartphones and tablets as they do desktop and laptop PC’s. In some cases, your customers have begun to ask you about managing their mobile devices or have a mobile management solution in place that has not worked out for them and have come to you for a solution.

To start with, your current RMM solution does not provide any functionality for mobile devices specifically smart phones and tablets. Monitoring and managing smart phones and tablets is very different and requires a different set of RMM functionality that deals with interfacing with the management functionality that Apple and Google have given their iOS and Android operating systems.

With MobileRMM you now have a solution that will overcome your past concerns and issues with legacy mobile management solutions as you launch a new stream of revenue managing your customers mobile devices.

MobileRMM is a standalone platform designed to complement your RMM services capability which does not provide support for mobile devices. MobileRMM provides real-time management and control over a variety of mobile devices regardless of operating system. Most important is that Notify has crafted its MobileRMM offering with input from dozens of MSP and IT Service providers who have been sidelined with not being able to offer a managed mobility solution to their customers.

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Key MobileRMM Features

Admin Control feature icon

Admin Control

The MobileRMM admin console provides an intuitive interface. It is designed to be usable by anyone, even administrators with limited technical knowledge. Each organization configured on the multi-tenant MobileRMM platform will have their own admin console. Each admin within an organization will have access as well as defined access through individually defined role-based administration settings.

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Monitoring and Alerting feature icon

Monitoring and Alerting

IT admins can generate alerts and automate remediation efforts that take problems from reactive to proactive. Alerts can be generated by configuration options in the Compliance Manager. Whether you are focused on device model number, OS versions, security, or operational efficiency, you have a variety of settings that provide alerts, monitoring, and automated remediation.

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Unified Policy Management feature icon

Unified Policy Management

Define one or more policies for all your iOS and Android users. Policies can be associated to a user or a group of users, in-effect applying the policy on all devices assigned to that user or group of users.

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Mobile Asset Management feature icon

Mobile Asset Management

MobileRMM has a robust asset tracking system. Vital information like the device type and model, IMEI number, and associated username of the managed devices can be obtained. Also, a history of the locations traversed by the devices can be maintained.

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Support for iOS and Android OS Mobile Devices feature icon

Support for iOS and Android OS Mobile Devices

Both Apple iOS and Google Android have management functionality whose API’s and integration are different but provide basically the same security and control on mobile devices. With Apple the use of Apple Push Notification provides the communications interface between iOS device and MobileRMM platform. With Google the use of Firebase communications provides the communication interface between Android device and the MobileRMM platform.

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Mobile Application Management feature icon

Mobile Application Management

Distribute bulk purchased apps to devices seamlessly via MobileRMM’s integration with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Remotely install or uninstall selective applications. Remotely push apps and updates, force apps to be mandatorily installed on devices. Push app catalogs specific to individual users/ devices and groups. Restrict system and app updates, remotely uninstall managed apps from devices or force apps to be uninstalled when the MobileRMM profile is removed from devices.

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Geo-Location/Geo-Fencing feature icon


Location tracking is a feature that can be configured on or off based on ownership of the device. MobileRMM provides geographic coordinates as standalone and uses Google Maps for address resolution. Locate devices current location or locate lost devices–pinpointing them to the last known geo-location on the built-in map. Remotely wipe corporate data or enable a preventive lockdown to stop devices from turning into a compliance risk.

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Private Multi-Tenant Platform feature icon

Private Multi-Tenant Platform

Notify provides MSPs with both an on-premise or cloud based MobileRMM multi-tenant platform. This provides MSPs with their choice of how the service is delivered. In some cases, an MSP will prefer to host the solution in their data center and in other cases an MSP will prefer a cloud-based solution. In either case an MSP will have full control of their private instance of a multi-tenant version of Notify’s MobileRMM platform.

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Support for COPE and BYOD feature icon

Support for COPE and BYOD

Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) is a business model in which an organization provides its employees with mobile devices and allows the employees to use them as if they were personally owned tablets or smartphones.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) empowers employees to work from anywhere by allowing them to securely access business-critical data from their personal devices, instead of corporate-owned devices.

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PSA Integration feature icon

PSA Integration

Our initial PSA integration has been with ConnectWise Manage. Other popular PSA integrations are on our roadmap.

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Mobile Device Enrollment feature icon

Mobile Device Enrollment

MobileRMM offers several different options by providing a number of simplified MobileRMM enrollment options.

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Remote View and Remote Control feature icon

Remote View and Remote Control

Start a remote view session to mirror the on-screen content from supported Android and iOS devices right to your help desk PC. Remote view is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Remote control is available only on specific Android mobile devices. For enhanced privacy, users are notified of the session and can choose to start and stop broadcasting from their end.

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Perfect For You, Whoever You Are

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MSP/IT Service Provider

Internal IT Staff

MSP/IT service providers love how Notify’s MobileRMM technology provides them a viable solution for managing mobile devices

Finally, there is a solution that meets the needs of MSPs and IT service providers for offering a managed mobility service. Notify has spent a significant amount of time researching with MSPs and IT service providers their reluctance to offer a mobile management solution. After analyzing the many discussions, Notify was able to articulate the challenges confronted by these two groups of service providers that would allow them to overcome their past issues and concerns with offering a managed mobility service. Their message was loud and clear on what they needed:

  • Mobile management functionality for iOS and Android
  • Variety of affordable licensing options
  • Monthly billing for any of the licensing options
  • Support for technical Issues, sales opportunities, and mobile best practices
  • A true multi-tenant platform where customer licensing is under their control
  • Support for On-premise or Cloud delivery of the MobileRMM platform

We are a long time ConnectWise user and we are absolutely delighted that Notify’s MobileRMM solution interfaces with ConnectWise Manage our PSA of choice. We have not been able to find any other vendor that provides an affordable mobility management solution that integrates with ConnectWise Manage.”

Steven Collins
NEOS Technologies

Notify Technology was founded in 1994 and has been providing mobility solutions to organizations of all sizes since 2000. Fast forward to today and the company is focusing on providing MSPs/IT service providers and Company Internal IT with a unique offering called MobileRMM

Headquartered in Boardman, Ohio, Notify Technology is expanding its sales focus from primarily direct sales to a more partner focus which includes MSPs, IT service providers, and IT resellers. Notify Technology remains one of the original ISV’s providing mobility management solutions in the marketplace.

Flag iconFounded in 1994

United States iconServing the entire U.S.

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