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Support for iOS and Android OS Mobile Devices

Both Apple iOS and Google Android have management functionality whose API’s and integration are different but provide basically the same security and control on mobile devices. With Apple the use of Apple Push Notification provides the communications interface between iOS device and MobileRMM platform. With Google the use of Firebase communications provides the communication interface between Android device and the MobileRMM platform.

iOS device management requires each organization obtain an Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) certificate which allows you to create a trusted relationship between your devices, Apple, and MobileRMM. APNs certificates must be renewed annually. Remember: the APNs certificate is required to manage devices with MobileRMM.

Android device management requires Firebase Cloud Messaging service (FCS) which replaced Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) in May 2019 Once the MobileRMM platform is configured for FCM, it will send connection notifications to Android devices that are enabled for FCM. Any security action or deploy command triggers a push notification to prompt the user to reconnect to the MobileRMM server.