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Mobile Application Management

Distribute bulk purchased apps to devices seamlessly via MobileRMM’s integration with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Remotely install or uninstall selective applications. Remotely push apps and updates, force apps to be mandatorily installed on devices. Push app catalogs specific to individual users/ devices and groups. Restrict system and app updates, remotely uninstall managed apps from devices or force apps to be uninstalled when the MobileRMM profile is removed from devices.

iOS Application Support

Support for Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) through the use of the Apple Business Manager to allow IT to purchase, deploy and manage applications in bulk.

Limit access to the Apple App store to prevent app installation of non-approved applications

Android Application Support

Seamlessly deploy in-house developed apps and apps purchased from Google Play Store and Managed Google Play (Android Enterprise) to devices.

Deploy a work profile container on Android devices by enrolling your device in Android Enterprise (Android Work Profile) program.

Limit access to Google Play Store to prevent app installation of non-approved applications using Android Enterprise.