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Mobile Device Enrollment

MobileRMM offers several different options by providing a number of simplified MobileRMM enrollment options.

Personal device enrollment for users (BYOD):

  • Self-enrollment: Allows users to enroll devices on their own
  • Enrollment by invite: Allows users to enroll devices after accepting an invitation sent by the admin
  • Bulk enrollment via CSV file: Upload a CSV file containing details of the devices you would like to manage (bulk enrollment is also available using LDAP)
  • Bulk enrollment: admins can Upload a CSV file containing details of the users of the devices you would like to manage. You can also query an LDAP directory an bulk import users of the devices you would like to manage.

Bulk enrollment for Apple devices

  • Using the Apple Business Manager (ABM) administrators can enroll Apple devices remotely. ABM is configured to use you MobileRMM solution as devices are initially set up. Devices are brought under management with all the required configurations, right out of the box. This method of enrollment ensures mandatory management of the devices whereby the management cannot be revoked by the users.

LDAP and Local Group Support

Seamless integrations with these directory services not only simplify the onboarding of users but also help maintain an updated catalog of all users, groups, and OUs, on a single portal. Instead of manually associating a policy every time a user is added, the admin can automatically associate the policies to users associated with LDAP or Local Group. Depending on the size of an organization any number of Local Groups can be defined. All organizations do not have well managed Directory services and therefor prefer to use Local Groups rather than their poorly maintained Active Directory.