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Location tracking is a feature that can be configured on or off based on ownership of the device. MobileRMM provides geographic coordinates as standalone and uses Google Maps for address resolution. Locate devices current location or locate lost devices–pinpointing them to the last known geo-location on the built-in map. Remotely wipe corporate data or enable a preventive lockdown to stop devices from turning into a compliance risk.

Geofence functionality, in the context of MobileRMM, lets the administrator define policy zones and policy-exclusion zones. Devices can have separate policies automatically configured for inside and outside of a geofence. MobileRMM allows creation of multiple geofences all around the world from your MobileRMM admin console.

Location based grouping

An IT admin can automate policy association based on selected geofences. Devices that enter a fence and satisfy admin-specified conditions are grouped together and all policies associated with the group are automatically pushed to these devices.

  • Track device location: In many sectors like logistics, it's necessary to maintain logs about the locations traversed by the devices and also the most recent location of devices. With Geo-tracking, admins have an option to view the locations of devices individually or on a single map view.
  • Geofencing: Organizations that require the mobile devices to be available only in a certain geographical location can make use of Geofencing to perform various actions like notifying the admin, corporate wipe or complete wipe when the device leave the geofence.