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Monitoring and Alerting

IT admins can generate alerts and automate remediation efforts that take problems from reactive to proactive. Alerts can be generated by configuration options in the Compliance Manager. Whether you are focused on device model number, OS versions, security, or operational efficiency, you have a variety of settings that provide alerts, monitoring, and automated remediation.

Compliance Management

MobileRMM detects jailbroken and rooted devices and automatically removes them from the corporate network, thereby ensuring these devices do not access corporate data. Organization with more stringent policies can also configure With various compliance standards being designed for data privacy, it's important for organizations to comply with these standards and ensure any device that violates these standards is not allowed to access corporate data. Compliance for HIPPA, GDPR, and various other standards can be enforced.

Real-time statistics

Devices will communicate with the MobileRMM platform on what is called a synchronization schedule that is defined by the IT admin. Typical synchronization intervals range in frequency from 15 minutes to several hours. Regardless of OS real time device statistics are transmitted as the device synchronizes with the MobileRMM platform. Information regarding device type, IMEI, serial number, battery level, memory, compliance, OS and many more are made available.

Manage Telecom {Datacom} Usage

Support for individual or group usage of cellular datacom is available. When the data usage exceeds the well-defined threshold, the user and admin will be notified as per the configuration.

Messaging and Reporting

MobileRMM provides a one-way messaging tool that the admin can use to send messages to target devices, directly from the MobileRMM admin console. MobileRMM makes it convenient to notify the user when the device goes out of compliance i.e., when the device does not follow a policy or wanders out of a geo-fence. Broadcast emails can be sent to individual or groups of users.

MobileRMM offers a variety of predefined reports. Information queries from a number of screens from the Admin console can be extracted into XLS and PDF file formats.