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Private Multi-Tenant Platform

Notify provides MSPs with both an on-premise or cloud based MobileRMM multi-tenant platform. This provides MSPs with their choice of how the service is delivered. In some cases, an MSP will prefer to host the solution in their data center and in other cases an MSP will prefer a cloud-based solution. In either case an MSP will have full control of their private instance of a multi-tenant version of Notify’s MobileRMM platform.

Each MSP has full control of their customer and their customer data. Regardless of the size of the MSP, Notify provides each MSP with their own instance of a multi-tenant MobileRMM platform that is completely private to the MSP. At the option of the MSP, each MSP customer can have its own MobileRMM admin console and can rely on the privacy and security of having their organization’s data encrypted and segregated from any of the other MSP customers on the platform.

The MSP can now:

  • Single platform that will scale to handle all their MobileRMM customers
  • Provide encrypted data security for any customer on the platform
  • provide a robust set of mobile device management functionality regardless of the customer size
  • full control of customer license allocation