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Admin Control

The MobileRMM admin console provides an intuitive interface. It is designed to be usable by anyone, even administrators with limited technical knowledge. Each organization configured on the multi-tenant MobileRMM platform will have their own admin console. Each admin withing an organization will have access as well as defined access through individually defined role-based administration settings.

User and Device Administration

User and device information along with thirty (30) other attributes can be selectively configured for display. An administration panel for each user provides quick access to search for a user or device, view a variety of device information and provide a quick and easy way to perform device actions like a full device wipe, a selective wipe, locking the device, and many others.

Role Based Administration

Proactive management is the best kind of management. You can define roles that best suit your requirements and grant appropriate permissions for specific IT admins. You can delegate routine activities to support staff individuals with well-defined permission levels, thereby specifying your IT admins' scope of management to their organization.